Bad News Comes To 3 Curious iPhone Models

As you know, it’s a long overdue rumor that Apple is going to release a three-camera model. However, if we look at the information from the sources, Apple will come to this race later than expected.

Shown as a competitor to the Huawei P20 Pro, Apple is making a name for itself with the rumors of a three-camera iPhone this year. During this week, the iPhone X Plus joined the sensations of having three backcameras, collecting the curiosity of the situation. However, Largan Precision, Apple’s lens supplier, said it would never be possible before 2019.

According to Largan Precision, the supply of 7-layer plastic lenses can start as early as 2019. This means that Apple will be joining this race late. On the other hand, it is stated that horizontal camera installations similar to periscope will increase in 2019. These lenses can offer 5x optical zoom.

In addition to all this, Apple is not just focusing on the photo with three camera technologies. The company also reports that you can see the phone in three dimensions at the same time as 3D. Sources that provide important information about the subject, the phone can detect objects with distances, he says. Apple, which pursues a rather different innovation, will also step up for increased reality in this regard.