Test of Boring Company Tunnels Begins: First Passenger Tesla Model X

Boron Company, one of the companies Elon Musk has opened for tunneling, is very close to its goal. The last video posted shows that Tesla Model X has gone through these tunnels at a great pace.

While Elon Musk has big problems with Tesla, one of its biggest companies, companies such as SpaceX, Boring Company continue their way smoothly. The Boring Company, which aims to solve the traffic problem from the root by digging tunnel underground, has started to take serious steps in this regard. Musk, now under the Los Angeles city of America, tested the Tesla Model X in these tunnels.

Musk, which advertised the world’s highest-cost car by sending the red Tesla Roadster in the distance, now advertised Tesla via another company, the Boring Company. Thanks to the rails in the tunnel, the Model X was the first vehicle to test your future journey standards.

Vehicles that can be lowered from some points when normal roads become clogged will be able to travel faster. It is expected that the tunnels, which normally allow to travel far higher than the permissible speeds in the city, will be used effectively in the future all over the world.

Tesla’s bad paintings are also affecting other Musk companies. We want to see these companies, which are trying to make the world a better place, with much greater achievement in the coming years.