The Sale Price of the BlackBerry Key 2 is Confronting the Top Flags of the Market

Late in entering the smartphone market, the BlackBerry, which has recently been looking for candles in its old days, has sold new smartphone models with keys and displays.

The BlackBerry has not given up on keys that are its own design concept. Even the smart models, Key2 was the last phone that the company that provided these keyboards lasted to the market.

BlackBerry’s new phone, Key 2, has been ordered and launched in China. Pre-order purchases can be made for the phone, which is being sold by retailer Jingdong. The 128GB model has a price tag of $ 700.

Compared to the other model, pre-orders of the 128GB model have just opened yesterday and sales will start on Monday, June 18th. The 64GB model has a sales figure of $ 620.