Xiaomi’s New Intelligent Bracelet: Transparent Corded Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition

Xiaomi announced that a new smart wristband was making the design quite remarkable, but everyone will not have access to it.

At the end of May, Xiaomi drove the Xiaomi Mi Band 3-wise smart bracelets to the market. In the first stage, a new option was finally added to the bracelets presented with three color options, orange, blue and black. Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Explorer Edition This new bracelet will be transparent and the design looks pretty nice.

The expression “Explorer Edition” was usually used for Xiaomi smart phone series such as Xiaomi Mi 6 Bright Silver Explorer Edition or Xiaomi Mi 8 Explorer Edition. However, Xiaomi is likely to use similar expressions for special serial smart wristbands. What makes this transparent design special is that everyone can not have it.

The company will not carry out serial production of the wristband and will be presented with a prize draw among Xiaomi users. Details of the lottery and when it is not yet known are expected to be announced soon.