RED Hydrogen One, Future With Snapdragon 835 Processor

The smart phone that RED will launch this summer is announced in 2017. It turns out that the phone that will be released this summer has the Snapdragon 835 chipset.

RED, which produces professional digital cinema cameras, announced that it would release a smartphone in the past year. This phone, called Hydrogen One, is expected to go out in the coming months. It was learned that the phone processor that was interesting with the design would be Snapdragon 835. If we think of all the flagships on the market in 2018 that Snapdragon 845 is, it is possible to say that RED came a step back.

After the phone was announced in 2017, it was expected to go out in the same year. However, leaving the output in 2018 was a sign of the ‘lag behind’ situation in various equipment. The RED had a hardware update expectation, but obviously the company does not intend to match the device to the 2018 requirements if the processor is to be looked at.

It will work with Hydrogen One’s Android 8.1 Oreo operating system and 6 GB of RAM and other information, also known as the future. If we consider the manufacturer as well, it is expected that Hydrogen One will have a phone with a camera in the foreground, which may have made it unnecessary for the processor or various hardware to be out of date. However, it is possible to say that the phone will be difficult to compete with the phones that are put on the market in 2018.