Crazy Project From Russians: Cars That Can Go On Water

The Russian Yagalet company has come up with a new automobile design that uses a special filtration technology that you can go either on the road or in the water.

Yagalet, a Russian venture, has released a new car design that will amaze many people. As a sports car, the new Yagalet car is not only on the road but also in the water. Yagalet, which is about to patent the technology, will also use the same technology in SUVs, minivans and other vehicles.

Yagalet also said that he would install the hovercraft system he developed in a house and he did not give any information about how technology works. According to the statement, drivers can open inflatable cushions under the car with the help of a lever located inside the cabin. Inflatable cushions that can fly in the air, the standard car can not advance in many places can go.

The system developed by Yagalet explains a different approach to the basic problems experienced by hovercraft cars and other flying vehicles. According to the company’s explanation, it is necessary to obtain a pilot’s license for standard flying cars. The system they have developed has removed this problem.

Fatigue does not yet explain how to check when the vehicle goes into the infiltration mode. But since the car will be in the air, it is thought that the steering will be provided by engines that provide a wing and thrust. How the vehicle slows down is still a question mark. At the moment, it is not known whether the vehicle will use the same power units in automobile and draining modes.