NASA Signs First Agreement to Seek Life in Venus

Astronomers are interested in Venus, and the NASA project, which has the potential to host a possible life form of the planet, will soon come to life.
Venus; It is very similar to our planet in terms of distance, surface area and mass to the Sun, and it is the closest planet to us. It was then that NASA and many of the space agency’s eyes were on this planet, but the terrible atmosphere had slowly erased Venus from memory. But in the past few months, NASA has reported that they are working on a project; A base hanging in the atmosphere of Venus and looking for signs of life.

At first glance, the project received a lot of euphoric thoughts because it was likely to be a living form of life in Venus, and even though we did not have that technology yet, it was an extremely logical resource for the future.

According to recent reports, NASA will collaborate with Black Swift Technologies, a Boulder-based company specializing in unmanned aerial systems to create air vehicles that will achieve the target even if it is not the same as the project it offers. It is estimated that NASA’s previously announced “human” research-based project will be similar to unmanned vehicles and that the results obtained will be quite satisfactory.

If the project succeeds, Venus will be assessed as ‘the possibility of water on the ground’ and the search for organic life in the upper reaches of the atmosphere likely to be above the clouds will be clarified. The conditions in the top layers of the acidic clouds of Venus show a great resemblance to the Earth, indicating that it is a suitable area for organic living.

But the most challenging condition for the company that will design the vehicles is the hard winds. Nevertheless, the team is extremely confident that the design of the appropriate vehicle will be carried out in the light of the necessary information. If everything goes well, within a few years we’ll learn a lot more about whether or not Venus is a planet that has life in the past.