Apple Worried about LG’s Capacity

Apple has been experiencing some difficulties lately with unexpected iPhone sales, as well as potential future steps. Last question marks are about image panels.
As is known, Samsung worked with Apple as a supplier of iPhone X’s 5.8-inch flexible OLED panels. Samsung wanted to make a deal with Apple for the upcoming iPhone models, but Apple’s sales did not go as expected and production was at a standstill. Another known event is Apple’s desire to work with a wider range of products with Samsung. So the company can make some agreements not only with the image panel but also with other equipment from Samsung. Or so we knew until today.

The new information came in a slightly different direction. Accordingly, Apple will entrust LG with the flexible screen panes of 6.1-inch size for its more affordable iPhone models. LG may have already begun production for iPhone models that will be introduced this year. On other screens, the company wanted to go back to Japanese technology and needed an OLED panel of 6.46 inches for the iPhone X Plus model.

According to Bloomberg, LG, which has production capacity of 2 to 4 million display panels, will have about 3 to 5 million orders from Apple. So far everything is normal but there is a situation that worries both sides. Sales of products in the LG and LG partnership were usually carried out with LCD panels. Apple, working with LG for OLED panels in the new era, is a bit worried that LG will not be able to meet its production capacity. Also, when compared to Samsung Display and LG panels, Samsung has a big advantage in terms of quality.