Dell touts the World’s Most Powerful Mobile Workstation Sales

Dell has sold Dell Precision 7530 and 7730, the world’s most powerful mobile workstations with 15 “and 17” displays, online through the official website.

The Dell Precision 7530 and 7730 Mobile Workstation Developer Editions are pre-loaded with Ubuntu Linux operating system orders through Dell’s official website.

Powered by Intel’s latest generation Core or Xeon processors, mobile workstations have ultra-high-speed RAM, professional-grade graphics cards from AMD and Nvidia, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7.5 operating system certification.

The 15-inch Dell Precision 7530 has an 8th generation Intel Core or Xeon processor, an AMD Radeon Pro WX or Nvidia Quadro graphics card, 128GB of 3200MHz RAM and up to 6TB of PCIe SSD. The 17-inch Dell Precision 7730 also has the same hardware features as the 7530.

As a matter of fact, the Precision 7730 has an SSD capacity of up to 8TB and is offered with an integrated artificial intelligence developer platform. The models with both 15 “and 17” screens are bumping into the world’s most powerful devices.

Both mobile workstations can be purchased online through Dell’s official site in any part of the world. The Dell Precision 7530 starts at $ 1,091.14, while the Dell Precision 7530 starts at $ 1,371.37.