New Blood Test, Early Detection of Fatal Skin Cancer

A new blood test was developed to detect early detection of melanoma cancer. The test developed for this type of cancer, especially seen in young age groups, has an accuracy of 80%.

It was the first worldwide study. We have developed a new blood test with early detection of melanoma cancer with an accuracy of 80%. Australia According to Edith Cowan University Melanoma Research Group scientists, this test can save thousands of lives. Melanoma cancer is the most deadly skin cancer claimed to have 59,782 cannabis worldwide in 2015. Australia, North America and Europe are the regions where the disease is most prevalent.

If you can diagnose cancer early, your survival rate climbs to 95%. If you missed that early diagnosis period, you have a 50% chance. This blood test is a great invention in terms of early detection of cancer. The blood test called MelDX works by detecting the antibodies produced by the body as soon as the melanoma cancer develops. The team analyzed 1,627 different antibody subtypes and found that MelDX was able to detect melanoma with an accuracy of 81.5%, after which 104 healthy individuals received blood from 105 healthy individuals.

The blood test can detect cancer in 79% of melanoma patients, but only 16% of malignancies have been detected in healthy patients. This is not an excellent result, but it can improve early recognition with current diagnostic techniques and increase the chances of survival for humans. Melanoma cancer is usually seen in individuals with normal on me in the body. Some kind of skin is cancer and they need to be protected from the sun seriously. The early diagnosis of this cancer type, especially seen in young age groups, is very important. If the test is developed to increase the accuracy rate, many people can be hopeful.

Author: Alptug Acar

MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.

Alptug Acar
MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.