The New Unmanned Combat Aircraft: The Tempest

The 6th generation unmanned combat plane, The Tempest, planned to be produced entirely by British technology, was announced to the world press.

The greatest repercussions of today’s rapidly evolving technology are undoubtedly on military technology. Every year, dozens of battle technologies are being used behind the closed doors to integrate into today’s technology, as well as to challenge and intimidate the world.

For the first time in the world, the United Kingdom, which is planning to use its autonomous technology to strengthen its army and has taken serious steps in this regard, has been introducing information about The Tempest, a battle jet, for the first time. The battle jet, which will be equipped with top-notch British technology, will be able to handle its missions with artificial intelligence without the need for a pilot. The British, who offered a prototype of a jet jet, only kept details of the serious technology they developed by talking about their aircraft in theory.

The Tempest, which will carry the title of the sixth generation warplane, will be able to take part in autonomous missions alone, as well as commanding and mediating other unmanned, drone-like aircraft. It is estimated that the jet, which does not have much detail about the ammunition that it uses, will be called for destructive missions especially with the ability to use hypersonic missiles. It is a matter of curiosity how the autonomous jete planned to meet with the sky of 2035, which is where it belongs, will be answered before other countries. The most important fact known in the basic sense is that the Tempest’s Typhoon jets will take its place.

Author: Alptug Acar

MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.

Alptug Acar
MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.