Animals can talk with each other as humans, according to Scientists

According to a study conducted by the University of York in England, animals are able to communicate with one another just like humans, and they are lining up in conversation.
Since the past, humans have always thought that animals acted only with their instincts, which they did not underestimate. For those who do not think so, this information has been forcibly imposed, and it has been said that an opposite thought will not be true. According to recent studies, animals have the ability to think and communicate even if they are not at human level in complex levels; they are even supposed to talk to each other for a chat.

Kobin Kendrick, one of the leading linguists at York University in the UK, suggested that the communication style of animals was very similar to humans as a result of their work. The linguist, who says that the most basic difference is the postpone pause and perception period, says that between two living things, such as sperm whales, the speech takes place in two seconds of silence, which is calculated as 50 milliseconds for the birds.

Kendrick, who said that two talking people needed 200 milliseconds on average to understand and respond. the studies on animals’ communication habits will also illuminate how the development of human language begins.

Author: Alptug Acar

MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.

Alptug Acar
MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.