Meet the Most Expensive and Extremely Expensive Phone in the Space Age: HubblePhone

Turing Robotics went bankrupt after unsuccessful attempts at the smartphone market. The design details emerged about the admiral HubblePhone, which the company began to revive to its birth from its ashes by 2020, which will begin to produce.
How many screens do you get on your smartphone? Turing’s answer to this question is not the numbers. Because the company has a “multi-screen” in HubblePhone design. Does anyone remember the covered Nokia N90, a legendary, hand-crafted form? This phone, which looks rather wedged compared to the sun, attracted attention with its bodywork. Time passed, the keys were off, the screens came; the trunks were truncated, the cameras were shrunken.

Turing clearly did not give up after the successive attempts he made in the past year. It works on a device with a display almost everywhere, which is now quite similar to the more modern version of the Nokia N90. Obviously it is hard to say anything because the bloody living creature has not passed away.

With so many display units in a folding lid design, the device is very sensitive. We also see that the iPhone X on the main screen is notch-like. This notch means nothing more than a company trying to do an original job, making bad choices. Still, the lines on the device look pretty chic.

Having a number of cameras on it, HubblePhone made it even easier for people to communicate according to the company’s announcement. It is said that the main camcorder will have a 15X optical zoom, which is a very ambitious level.

The HubblePhone, which claims to have a Snapdragon 855 processor chip that has not been manufactured yet, is already in talks with Qualcomm according to the company’s allegations. In this regard, Turing’s lust is extremely fluffy. One of the biggest reasons for the sinking of the company was that the promises were not fulfilled.

The device, which will be produced in 2020, is planned to offer 5G support along with it, so maybe it will remain in memory of Turing’s imagination. Obviously it is very difficult to recover due to the loss of reputation of the company. Nevertheless, I declare a price and a $ 2750 tag for HubblePhone.

Author: Alptug Acar

MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.

Alptug Acar
MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.