Nvidia to Present GeForce GTX 1180 on Gamescom Highly Likely

Nvidia plans to organize a GeForce event at Gamescom, and plans to introduce the company’s new high-end GeForce GTX 1180 graphics card.
Nvidia, the first brand to come to mind when it comes to graphics cards, plans to organize a GeForce event in Gamescom, which will be held in Germany’s Cologne next month. In the event to take place on August 20th, there will be some ‘surprises’ of Nvidia’s participation, as well as new games and practical demos.

Nvidia is planning a speech entitled ‘Nvidia’s Next Generation Mainstream GPU’ during the GeForce event. The company is expected to announce the new GeForce GTX 1180 graphics card based on Turing architecture during the event. Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang said that while we were told we would not have to wait a long time for new graphics cards, engineer workshops claimed to belong to the GeForce GTX 1180, which uses GDDR6 memories that Micron has been producing, leaked online the past month.

According to the leak, the new Nvidia GeForce GTX 1180 will have 3.584 CUDA core, 1.6-1.8GHz frequency and 16GB GDDR6 memory. These features mean that all current games of the new graphics card can play 144Hz at 4K resolution. So those who are considering buying one of Acer’s or Asus’s next-generation 4K player monitors will love the GeForce GTX 1180.

Author: Alptug Acar

MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.

Alptug Acar
MIS Student, writer, litte bit programmer.