Giant Leak: iPhone 9 Will Have Apple’s Best Camera

Apple’s affordable new iPhone model, the iPhone 9, claimed that Apple would have the best back-up camera up until now, and it would not be a disadvantage if it had a single camera.

Apple had a month to introduce the new iPhone models, but the leak and analyst reports presented some details about the iPhone models that the technology giant plans to introduce months in advance. Apple will introduce an iPhone with two OLED displays and one 6.1-inch LCD screen, next month, 5.8 inches and the other 6.5 inches.

The 6.1-inch model, which is larger than Phone X and has a small screen from the iPhone X Plus, will be available at an affordable price. This will cause the device to waive some important premium features such as 3D Touch, OLED screen, dual rear camera. But this is not too bad if we think that the device will have a price between $ 599 and $ 799.

According to a new leak, the iPhone with a 6.1-inch LCD screen will have the best camera up to now, although it has a single rear camera, so it will not be a big deal if you do not have a double rear camera. As you can see in the photo above, the model we expect to be called the iPhone 9 has a much larger camera lens.

A larger camera lens means more quality pictures and videos can be taken. The larger lens also means that there may be an optical image stabilizer that will provide better results in low light. But let me say that there is no confirmation about the reality of the photo.