Samsung Announces Smart Speaker Galaxy Home

In the days when we have used the blessings of technology for the last time, intelligent speakers are very interested. At this point, Samsung introduced its own artificial intelligence assistant Bixby and Galaxy Home, the first smartphone loudspeaker.

We knew before that Amazon’s Echo smart speakers, Google’s Home speakers, were Apple’s HomePod. Now, with this new technological pace, Samsung has introduced its artificial intelligence assistant, Bixby, and Galaxy Home, the first smartphone speaker.

Galaxy Home, whose sales date and price are not yet shared, can be sold for around $ 300 according to the information received from anonymous sources. The smart speaker, which is supposed to be finalized on November 7th and 8th in San Francisco, will likely become clearer after the Samsung Developer Conference.

Galaxy Home, which comes with the ability to play music and easily control smart home devices, will also get help from Spotify via Bixby. At the moment, the device, which has some unknown features, seems to be able to handle many smart speakers as well.

Equipped with 8 microphones for voice recognition from a remote location, the device can also hear ‘Hi Bixby’ from a distance. It is worth noting that the downside of the intelligent loudspeaker for ease of use is the fact that it has the features that deserve the price of the device even though it has been seen as the price for now. In addition to these, Bixby featured products can communicate only in Korean and English, even though they are located in 200 different markets around the world.