Samsung’s Televisions ‘Invisible’ Fade In ‘Media Mode’ Technology

Samsung announced QLED TVs in early 2018. But what’s interesting is that QLED has the right color presentation and another feature that makes your Samsung TV truly TV.

This feature, known as ‘ambient mode’ by Samsung, allows the closed TV to turn out of a big, black square, turning it into an elegant, non-visible frame.

Same image as the wall

The algorithm created by Samsung creates an illusion of ‘invisible’ when the TV is not in use, creating exactly the image of the wall behind the TV.

The ambient mode also has a selection gallery that allows you to view floating weather updates and even the landscape that complements the surrounding area.

Media mode design contest

Samsung, co-operating with Dezeen, has launched the Media Mode Design Contest and it looks like there will be many more selectable themes coming soon. Participants of the said competition will be exhibited in IFA 2018 in Berlin.