After 18 years, Apple might bid on iTunes


Macworld Expo opened in 2001, Apple apparently finally announced the closing of iTunes at its developer conference, which began on Monday, according to a report.

He returned on January 9, 2001, when one of Apple’s founders and then CEO Steve Jobs presented the iTunes software company at Macworld Expo 2001 in San Francisco, the product that launched the “musical revolution” of digital music recognition through the 21st century. Century After more than 18 years, after Jobs has long disappeared, the company plans to end the application.

After nearly two decades, technology giants and producers of iPhone, iPad and Mac have agreed to finally announce the closing of iTunes at its developer conference, which began on Monday, reports Bloomberg.

iTunes is the first and probably one of the largest software solutions to piracy in the music industry, especially in the US. This application soon became a convenience store for consumers to consume all media, including music, film and television. This product has contributed significantly to the growth of the music industry worldwide by eliminating piracy. According to the report of the American Recording Industry Association in 2018, streaming music accounts for 75 percent of the income of the US music industry.

However, the latest news for iTunes may not be too surprising for many, because there are rumors that the application has been used for several years by various other subscription-based services, including Apple’s own iTunes. Download music.

But if iTunes is very good for years, why did Apple give up? Apple plans to separate various types of media by replacing iTunes with three new applications – Apple Music, Apple TV and Podcasts. The technology giant has transferred changes to the iPad and iPhone, which now offers three applications. It’s only a matter of time for companies to start migrating Mac and MacBook users to this application.

Although Apple Music App is likely to have some of the main features of iTunes, including buying songs and synchronizing cellphones, the loss of nostalgia for iTunes brings to some old Apple customers.

Steve Jobs once quoted: “Apple has done the best from Apple – simplifying complex applications and making it stronger – iTunes is far from other jukebox applications, and we hope the simple and dramatic user interface brings more people to the digital music revolution.”

The end of iTunes might look like the end of time. It would be interesting to see how Apple improved iTunes functionality in its application.

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