Apple Will Send Permanent Notification to Non-Original Screen iPhone 11s


Apple has released a new warning for the iPhone 11 series. The document states that the iPhone 11 series will receive permanent notifications if non-original screen changes are made.

Apple has recently released a document on the iPhone 11 series that it has introduced in recent weeks. The published document states that if the iPhone 11 series is replaced with a non-original screen, the devices will understand this situation and see the notification to the users. However, Apple’s statement, this statement, consumers will not affect the use of iPhone 11.

Apple, the iPhone 11 series of documents produced in the display panels and all other hardware products, specially prepared by Apple technicians and an excellent iPhone experience will be only original equipment, he says. In addition, the use of non-original screens, according to Apple, can cause many problems.

According to Apple’s iPhone 11’lerin screen, by unauthorized persons and non-original panels, if replaced by multi-touch actions, problems may occur, may not be necessary sensitivity, color saturation of the colors can be experienced and the real shades of colors can not be captured, he says.

Apple’s other warning in this regard is to be made by unauthorized persons and may cause other problems may arise from non-original screens. Apple, depending on the quality of the display may decrease battery performance and may experience heating. According to Apple, more serious problems can occur if the battery is damaged during screen replacement.

IPhone 11 owners who do not use the original display, according to Apple, will see the above statement on their lock screen for 4 days after the change. For the next 15 days, consumers will see this notification in the “Settings” menu. This notification, which will then be moved to the “About” section, will remain in that section until the screen is original.

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