Are dead aliens can help to save humanity?


Those who do not learn lessons about the loss of alien civilization may be destined to repeat it.

Mankind seems to be moving forward in a dangerous way. We have developed weapons that are strong enough to be avoided for various reasons, for example, and have changed the climate of the Earth for decades without paying special attention to serious consequences.

Such behavior around the galaxy has caused the death of advanced alien races, said Avi Loeb, chair of the astronomy department at Harvard. In fact, this can help explain, at least in part, why we have not made contact with ET, despite the abundant real estate that can be inhabited in the Milky Way (a puzzle known as the Fermi paradox).

“One possibility is that these cultures are short-lived based on our behavior,” Loeb said last week during a conversation at the People of Mars Summit in Washington. The wound that finally killed him.

So chasing ET must be broad enough to spy on the artifacts left by lost civilizations, he added – as proof of the planet’s surface and nuclear war products that are circling in the burning air of the alien world.

Such findings could be the greatest scientific discovery of all time, and that could be an added benefit of getting our problem species on a better track.

“The idea is to learn something,” Loughb said. “We can learn to interact better, not start nuclear war or observe our planet and make sure the planet is habitable as long as we make it habitable.”

There are other practical reasons to look for Foreign Intelligence Agents (SETI). For example, making contacts can lead to massive technological breakthroughs – when foreigners are kind enough to share their knowledge.

“Our technology is only a century old, but if other civilizations have had a billion years to develop space, they can teach us how to do it,” Loughb said.

This opportunity is another reason to continue to advance interstellar aviation technology. Leeb participates in this field; He leads the Starbreaking Advisory Board, a project worth $ 100 million to develop small laser probes that can approach the exoplanet system with a speed of light of 20%.

Breakthrough Starshot aims to create a system like that for 30 years. If these efforts or similar ones succeed, intelligent aliens can perceive us in new relatives as a light that is worthy of respect and respect.

“I hope the search for a dead civilization will inspire us to do better and act together,” he said. “And another hope that I have is that as soon as we leave the solar system we receive the message” Welcome to the interstellar club. “And we will understand that there is a lot of traffic that we don’t know.

We might pay attention to this traffic, Loughb said. He recently co-authored the report, stating that “the first Oumuamua interstellar object ever seen in our solar system could be an alien spacecraft.

The consensus is that “Oumuamua is a resource agent, but it’s important not to throw away the idea of ​​a spacecraft by hand,” Loughb said.

“We must keep an open mind and not know the answer in advance,” he said. “You don’t have to pretend to know something.”

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