Baby tiger sharks eat ordinary birds in the backyard


To better understand the diet of tiger sharks, scientists have captured and dropped specimens of young sharks. Analysis of DNA swallowing sharks reveals that baby tigers swallow songbirds.

Tiger sharks are known as sea bins. When it comes to food, they are rather random. Researchers have found evidence that tiger sharks eat seabirds, but scientists were surprised to find backyard DNA – genetic signs of sparrows, woodpeckers and doves – at the Babyhai bar.

“Tiger sharks will see snacks and catch them, but I’m surprised that sharks eat singers – I assume they are seabirds,” said Kevin Feldheim, a researcher at the Field Museum of Chicago. news. “This is one of the best projects I contact DNA to tell a story.”

For the study, scientists pumped stomach 105 baby sharks. Fill the stomach of 41 sharks including birds. However, semi-finished birds are not easily identified. Scientists have sent remnants to a DNA testing laboratory.

Test results released this week in The Scientific Naturalist have shown that tiger sharks regularly eat birds in the garden.

“None of them are seagulls, pelicans, cormorants or seabirds,” said Marcus Draymon of Mississippi State University. “They are all land birds.

In Hawaii, adult tiger sharks have been documented by separating juvenile albatrosses that learn to fly. The authors of the latest study estimate that baby sharks target tired or injured birds migrating in the Gulf of Mexico.

“Tiger sharks are looking for songbirds that have problems navigating the ocean,” said Kevin Feldheim, researcher at the Field Museum. “During the migration they are worn out and then tired or fall into the sea during a storm.”

The population of most shark species has declined in recent decades. By better understanding the behavior of endangered shark species, scientists can potentially improve conservation strategies.

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