Cosmonauts complete space exploration from the International Space Station


Two Russian astronauts completed a space flight on Wednesday to take scientific experiments and support the International Space Station.

Expedition commander Oleg Kononenko and fellow astronaut Alexei Ovchinin left the space station at 11:42. And back about 6 hours later, the hold closed at 17:43. After finishing walking in the room, which was broadcast live on NASA’s YouTube channel.

They began sending exhibitions with special greetings to Alexei Leonov, the first person in the room to leave for an 85-year-old birthday.

The Russian space agency Roskosmos said that space outlets – 217 spaces dedicated since 1998 to th assembly station – have been dedicated to Leonov, “people who have taken steps to the unknown and found one after another has unlimited space”.

Then the two astronauts turned their attention to the maintenance of the ship, including the placement of fences and cleaning windows.

They will also be a scientific experiment outside the space station, removing and disposing of hardware from experimental plasma waves through the removed Poisk module body.

The pedestrian zone on Wednesday is Kononenko’s fifth career, and the first where Ovchinin will be involved during the preparation of the station commander next month.

Kononenko will return to Earth on June 24 after a 6.5-month mission that lives and operates on the space station.

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