Dyson uses spotlights to make light that can last for 60 years


Dyson is known for its research skills and the latest products show the company’s ability to take seemingly boring products and design its latest works. Dyson Lightcycle is a company that brings simple light on the table, wrapped with coolers, sensors, and other technologies that will be on a smartphone.

Dyson said that the life of conventional LED lights is limited by the amount of heat produced, so the solution is to embed Heatpipes in the hands of Lightcycle. This vacuum-sealed copper tube was developed to remove LED light heat.

Inside the tube, a drop of water evaporates, throws heat through the tube until it condenses, before returning to the LED with capillary action. This means that the aluminum side of the light acts efficiently as a heat sink and the whole process means that the quality of light remains protected for 60 years, according to Dyson.

Dyson Lightcycle must adjust the color temperature and brightness in relation to local daylight “to provide the right light for the right time.” The idea is to combine hours with natural day cycles, also indoors, which positively affects you general health and your well-being.

This is done using an algorithm that calculates daytime color and brightness temperatures around the world based on the date / time and local location. The 32-bit microprocessor that powers Dyson Lightcycle makes it possible.

The table light is a stack of 6 LEDs – 3 hot and 3 cold – which help simulate the daytime color temperature of 2700-6500 Kelvin. Brightness varies between 100 and more than 1,000 luxuries. The ambient light sensor detects another light source in the room and adjusts the output level accordingly. The IR motion sensor turns off the lights when near you, and turns off the lights when you leave for two minutes.

Dyson Lightcycle has predetermined modes such as Exploration, Relaxation, Precision, Enhancement, Wake up, Sleep and Exit. You can also make your own settings with a color temperature and a certain brightness level. All this can be done through the Dyson Link application.

With this application, you can also set a schedule for light. As you enter your age, various presets will be adjusted for you. This is because, for example, a 60 year old man needs more light than a 20-year-old man to do the same task.

In addition, the Lightcycle shoulder has a touch sensitive slide bar that controls color brightness and temperature independently. The hand can easily move vertically, horizontally and 360 degrees. This fixture has a Type C USB port to charge your smartphone.

Dyson Lightcycle is a feast for the eyes. 39,900 and will be available in India starting May 15 in the White / Silver and Black options.

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