Facebook is rethinking politics around artistic attitudes


Facebook has agreed to rethink its position as artistic nudity following protests by naked people for the same thing before the New York giant social networking policy to protest the company.

Facebook confirmed that they will meet with the National Coalition Against Censorship (MAZ) and other stakeholders to discuss the topic, reports the PetaPixel portal.

NCAC launched the # WeTheNipple campaign in April to demand changes to the Facebook and Instagram guidelines to enable photo nudity.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, it is important for companies to hear directly from various communities that use company applications, such as: B. photo applications.

Following Facebook’s decision, NCAC released an official statement that it will work with Facebook to ensure that the company’s policy “is also informed by experts and external prospects.”

The organization said “it was pleased to announce that the Facebook policy team was meeting with stakeholders, including artists, art educators, museum curators, activists and Facebook employees, to examine how to better serve artists, among others by finding new approaches to nudity policy . “

For its current policy, large social networks say it will display nudity or sexual activity to pay attention to some people who might be sensitive to this type of content.

However, on June 3, around 100 people were stripped naked in front of the company’s headquarters with photos of grain in hand as part of #WeTheNipple protests on New York Facebook.

Together with NCAC and world-renowned American artist Spencer Tunic, a member of the women’s rights group Grab Them By The Ballot participated in the demonstration.

“Our nudity rules have become more nuanced from time to time, and we understand that nudity can be shared for various reasons, including the purpose of protest, to raise awareness of the cause, or educational or medical reasons.” We allow content “in accordance with the standards of the Facebook community.

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