Facebook prevents Huawei’s pre-installed phone applications


Facebook said it had stopped installing pre-installed applications on Huawei’s smartphone to meet US restrictions, a new step in China’s technology giant.

The social network announced that it has suspended the provision of software that Huawei will publish on its devices, while sanctions recently introduced in the US have been reviewed.

Existing Huawei smartphone owners who already have a Facebook application can continue to use it and download updates.
However, it is not clear whether buyers of the new Huadu device can install the Facebook application themselves.

Facebook’s move is the latest in an increasingly technological feud in the US and China.
The Commerce Department last month effectively prevented US companies from selling their technology to Huawei and other Chinese companies without government approval. China’s Ministry of Commerce responded this week with a warning that it would issue a list of “unreliable” foreign companies in the near future.

US officials are calling for a global campaign to include Huawei’s blacklist, the world’s first supplier of network equipment and the second largest smartphone maker. They said that Beijing could use the company’s cyber-spyware products without providing intentional espionage evidence.
“The latest regulatory review, the Department of Commerce and recently issued a temporary general license and took steps to ensure compliance,” Facebook said, which allows you for a period of 90 days to better support existing equipment from Huawei.

Huawei declined to comment.
Google, from the Android operating system Huawei, has said that, despite being able to secure existing Huawei phones, future devices will come with leading applications and services, including maps, Gmail and search. For future Android versions, only future services will be available.

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