Facebook returns the “Show as public” function


To make it easier for people to display their information publicly on Facebook, the social media giant restored the Public Display feature that had been disabled last year due to a major security breach.

This feature allows users to view their profile from someone who is not their friend.

It also makes it easy for users to manage what information appears or does not appear in publicly available profile versions, reports The Verge.

“Today, with two updates, we make it easy for people to display their Facebook information publicly: (1) return to the” show as public “feature and (2) add a” publish details “button directly to the profile, according to Facebook in the Tweet. Tuesday

Last September, Facebook deactivated the security warning feature that allows hackers to use the linked feature to steal access tags for more than 50 million accounts.

Stolen characters can allow hackers to enter the account.

To overcome this problem, Facebook forced more than 90 million users to enter their account to ensure they were safe.

“We conduct security reviews and reactivate the display version so users can see what their profile looks like for people who are not friends on Facebook,” the company said.

This version is not affected by security incidents and is used more often than “Look as a certain person.”

The “Show as a certain person” feature is responsible for security holes and cannot be corrected at this time.

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