Hackers hack and adds new games to Nintendo NES Classic Edition


Hackers have found a way to add new games to the NES Classic console from Nintendo, which includes 30 pre-installed games – libraries that the company doesn’t want to update.

According to Ars Technica, hackers in Russia and Japan have independently discovered hacking strategies for the Nintendo system. The softmod strategy does not require physical system expansion. Instead, hackers use software to unlock machines.

This manual was first published in the GBX game community forum. For those who prefer hacking instructions in English, the solutions around them are shared in the Reddit NESClassicMods community forum.

“It must be said that this is not an easy process – at least not yet,” said TechCrunch. “This includes booting Linux-based NES in FEL mode, kernel hacking, and inserting ROM files with special tools.”

Hackers have not found a limit on the memory of the new game console. YouTube videos show consoles with 25 new games. Another video seamlessly introduces the popular game Battletoads and Megan Man.

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