If you lose your Android phone, do it immediately


The loss of your Android smartphone is unavoidable and unpredictable. Given the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of confidential information on every Android smartphone. When trying to find a telephone is a logical step, users cannot waste time and ask for help from Google.
The following must be done as soon as you lose your Android phone.
Type Find my Google mobile on another smartphone or computer.

Enter your Google Account. Remember that cellphones are registered with the same Google Account
-Google instantly displays the location that was last seen on your smartphone.
After “Find my phone” detects your Android smartphone, you can immediately contact your smartphone to find it. Click the “Play sound” option. This will cause your device to ring at full volume for 5 minutes, even if it is set to silent or vibrate.
But if it is stolen, ringing the telephone is not a good idea. Instead, you can lock the phone remotely. Here’s how to do it.

Open Android.com/find and enter your Google Account.

If you have more than one Android phone, click the missing device at the top of the screen.

If your lost device has more than one profile, log in with a Google Account in the main account.

If your device is not found, you can see the latest location.

You can click “Activate lock and delete”. This will lock your device with your PIN, template or password. If you don’t have a key, you can set it. To help someone restore your device, you can add messages or phone numbers to the lock screen.

-If you choose “Delete”, all data on your device will be permanently deleted, but the SD card may not. However, note that “Find my device” will stop functioning after you delete it on your device.

Find My Phone to function with an active internet connection. In addition, the smartphone must be turned on. The following are the best practices that you must follow to ensure that “Find my phone” always works.

Enter your Google Account
Connect with cellular data or Wi-Fi
Visible on Google Play
Indicates if location is activated
Enable drive search

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