Introduced 3D Face Recognition System for Samsung Galaxy S10 5G


Samsung’s flagship phone, the most advanced and most expensive model of the Galaxy S10 5G for the 3D face recognition system was introduced. The ToF sensor on the front of the camera enables real-time 3D scanning.
A new update has been introduced for the Galaxy S10 5G, the most advanced and most expensive model of the Galaxy S10, the flagship series launched by South Korean technology giant Samsung this year. This model is the only smartphone with 5G support and two ToF sensors, both front and rear.

ToF sensors can do wonders with the portrait mode on the main camera, usually with the depth sensor, while also realizing the real-time 3D face detection system at an advanced level. When Samsung launched the Galaxy S10 5G, it didn’t have the software to take advantage of the ToF sensor, but the company finally decided to release an update to use the ToF sensor in more detail.

Since the launch of the Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung has decided to make an update to the front ToF sensor, which has failed to show full efficiency. The company decided to make an innovation so that the 3D face recognition system we saw on the iPhone 11s could be used on its flagship phone.

The 3D face scanning system always provides a safer and more advantageous experience. The reason for this is that it is much more difficult, but not impossible, to deceive cameras that scan in 3D. Showing a photo to the camera or keeping the phone towards you with your eyes closed will not unlock the phone.

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