LG 88Z9, a commercially available 8K 8LED OLED TV in the world, has been pre-ordered


LG announced the first 8K OLED TV, LG OLED88Z9, to be announced worldwide this year at CES in January 2019 on TV for the first time TV with 8K resolution and has a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels with an 88-inch OLED screen. LG already has TV sets for pre-orders in South Korea, which were announced in North America and Europe in the third quarter of 2019 the company has not announced prices on television screens.

8K is the next big thing on television with panels with a resolution of 7680×4320 pixels or more than 33 million pixels on the screen. The LG 88Z9, which was announced before CES 2019, is the first 8K OLED TV with a large 88-inch screen. This TV also supports HDR and Dolby Vision. Although 8K is four times sharper than 4K and 16 times greater than the number of pixels than Full HD, currently there is very little 8K content that is useful to take advantage of the resolution.

That’s a problem, even with 4K, when the first is commercially available, but over time 4K content has been widely used. Various platforms for online streaming offer a growing list of 4K TV shows and films, while the Blu-Ray 4K format is also increasingly popular. Although the Olympics expected in Tokyo in 2020 will now be broadcast in 8K resolution, it has nothing to do with 8K TV, at least when it comes to video content.

LG 88Z9 is also a Smart TV, and some markets also support Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Even though the price is not announced, the LG 88Z9 should be quite expensive. So far, this is only pre-order in South Korea, and although it is planned to take it to major markets, India may not be listed at first.

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