MPs are looking for a Boeing document for “broken” security warnings at a maximum of 737


Lawmakers who were sued on Friday by Boeing documented Max 737’s bad cockpit plane – a problem the company knew more than a year ago to notify regulators and had no plans to repair for three years.

Representative Peter DeFazio, a Democrat from Oregon and Chair of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee and Representative Rick Larsen, a Democrat from the State of Washington, Chair of the Commission’s Aviation Committee, said on Friday that he had sent a letter to “Boeing” and in Britain. Federal Aviation Technology and Administration are looking for documents and schedules when they know the problem and when the airline is notified.

“The fact that Boeing knows its shortcomings more than a year before disclosing the FAA is very important to me, so President Larsen and I want additional documentation to get a more complete picture of who knows what” If, “Dephazio said in a statement,” it is important to did not leave marks during our committee’s investigation. “

In March, airline officials seized Max’s Boeing 737 aircraft worldwide after the second fatal accident in five months. In the two accidents, a total of 346 people were killed.

Researchers who have investigated disasters include automatic systems for collapse in jet aircraft, which were subjected to bad data by sensors that sent planes during fatal dives.

This cockpit signal allows the pilot to determine whether the sensor on the aircraft is functioning properly. The sensor determines the angle at which the plane moves.

MEPs said they received information indicating that Boeing plans to delay updating software in November 2017 to resolve the problem for three years, Boeing said Tuesday.

Boeing accelerated this decision after Le Havre 737 Max fell in October 2018.

The Chicago-based manufacturer said that the absence of this indicator, referred to as the angle of attack, did not comply with the warning “did not affect the safety or operation of the airline.

“Based on the security update review it is scheduled for commissioning Max 10 by 2020,” Boeing said in a statement that he was developing the largest model of the 737 Max. “We have not reached an agreement on the implementation of AoA and are taking steps to overcome this problem so that they do not reappear.”

FAA Chair Daniel Euelle told the Interior Committee committee last month that he was “dissatisfied” with a 13-month gap between Boeing’s findings and regulator information.

The Room Council plans to hold another hearing on June 19, Max 737, which will include testimonies from pilots and flight attendants, according to people familiar with the group’s plans.

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