NASA places the crash site of the Israeli spacecraft on the moon


The NASA spacecraft, located in the Moon orbit, noted the location of the battle of the Israeli Beresheet spacecraft in the Moon region as a “sea of ​​silence”, where it crashed on April 11.

SpaceIL’s NGO is trying to land their spacecraft on the SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket on April 11 near the nearby volcanic region of the moon.

After the first smooth descent, Beresheet landed firmly on the surface.

As soon as the orbit of the orbit sits 22 to investigate NASA’s lunar revolution (LRO) when it landed in April, the LRO represents the Beresheet incident site, said in a statement at NASA late Wednesday.

LRO takes pictures at the mash point 90 km above the surface.

“The camera has shown a dark spot with a width of about 10 meters, indicating a collision point. Dark tones show surface roughness as a hard landing, which is less reflective of a clean and smooth surface,” said the US Space Agency.

LRO can’t find out whether Beresheet makes surface craters.

Another possibility is that Beresheet forms a small curve instead of the crater, given its approach angle, light and low speed.

“There is a lot of evidence that we are actually looking at artificial craters instead of meteors caused by meteors, which is an important consideration because the atmosphere is constantly bombarded by space rocks that leave the crater,” NASA said.

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