NASA wants to leave cosmic tourists on the space station – for 59 million dollars


Attention, people around the corner with $ 59 million: NASA opens the International Space Station (ISS) for adventurous travelers, and those who are interested do not have to hold their breath – cosmic tourism can occur after 2020.

Extensive US astronauts will join the US government’s commercial vehicle fleet, said Jeff Dewitt, NASA’s CFO, today (June 7) at a press conference. DeWit estimates that spacecraft managed by SpaceX and Boeing will cost $ 58 million – but the actual cost of the space station will not be included. Then tourists have the opportunity to stay at the ISS for up to 30 days. But each of the 30 nights was worth $ 35,000, said Dewitt, joking that “he will not bring points from the Hilton or Marriott.”

ISS is not only open to tourists, but also business companies. This means that product testing, personal research, and even space taking can be done at the station. Yes, the Apollo film can then be taken in space.

NASA expects the opening of private travel agents to reduce the agency’s financial burden, which is approaching recent reductions. The agency also hopes that this step will free up funds for new businesses, such as landing “the first woman … in the month in 2024,” Dewitt said.

However, NASA limits space tourism to two personal trips per year and plans to provide no more than 5% of the space station’s resources for commercial use.

The United States will not be the first country to take tourists to the station. Between 2001 and 2009, Russia’s personal space adventure facilitated seven space travel travelers to ISS.

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