NASA will open an international space station for tourists


NASA allows private individuals on the International Space Station (ISS) to stay for a monthly vacation at a cost of around $ 35,000 (around 24.30 lakh) per night, the US Space Agency announced Friday.

This amendment lifted the old ban on tourists and personal interests in orbital research laboratories and reflected wider pressure for ISS commercial expansion and space.

This paved the way for citizens to develop a Boeing and SpaceX rocket launch capsule system by Elon Musk to travel to the ISS on board. The two companies will bring astronauts to the ISS in the US for the first time in almost a decade.

NASA will allow two private trips to the station each year, each lasting up to 30 days, reported NASA. The first mission can begin in 2020.

But the trip won’t be cheap.

NASA said the price of flights would be around $ 50 million (around 346.9 million) in one place. In addition, NASA charges visitors for food, storage and communication at the station.

“If you look at the price and add back napkins that will be around $ 35,000 (around Rs. 24.30,000) per night astronauts,” Chief Financial Officer Jeff told NASA DeWit at a news conference in New York.

“But there will be no points from Hilton or Mariot,” Dewitt said.

Russian colleague Roskosmos, NASA has given permission to the station’s residents.

NASA officials also said that opening doors for private companies allowed the agency to focus on managing Trump’s 2024 return to the moon, which could be increased by revenues from new commercial services and paying astronauts.

Travel planning is Boeing and SpaceX gone, NASA said.

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