Netflix wants to “rethink” its investment in Georgia when the abortion law applies


Georgia is one of eight countries that issued abortion laws this year. The company is the first major Hollywood producer to publicly comment on some Georgian boycott calls.

Netflix Inc. on Tuesday said it would rethink its investment in film and television production in Georgia, when applied to new laws that severely limit abortion in the state, but streaming services will continue to work there now.

Netflix, which showed in the television drama “Ozark” and supernatural thriller “Singularity” in the US government how crime was seen, said it would work with groups struggling with Georgian law by US courts.

The company is the first major Hollywood producer to publicly comment on some Georgian boycott calls. The industry is responsible for more than 92,000 jobs in Georgia, according to the American Kinokartiya Association (MPAA) and more than 455 films and TV shows filmed in the country in 2018, according to then Governor Nathan Deal.

Ted Sarandos, Chief of Netflix, said that on Netflix, many women work in Georgia and their rights are limited by new laws.

“That is why we work with the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) and others to fight them in court, and given the fact that the law does not yet apply, we will continue to turn there – while supporting partners and artists that they do not want to, if it goes into effect, we will reconsider all our investments in Georgia, “Sarandos said in a statement.

Georgia is one of eight countries that have enacted legislation this year to combat abortion, which is intended to provide the US Supreme Court. Wade’s famous case in 1973 ruled out a woman’s right to terminate her pregnancy. January 1

Some Georgia boycott calls for Hollywood have not received much support so far, because most studios and platforms remain silent. This is different from the North Carolina boycott in the bathing transgender law, which is supported by corporations, sports leagues and celebrities such as Bruce Springsteen, and in 2017 will lead to the revocation of the law.

Some producers and actors say they will donate money to local groups who oppose the law of abortion rather than boycott and make Georgians lose their jobs.

Nevertheless, the creator of the upcoming comedy with Kristen Wig last week decided not to film in Georgia. While working on the third “Ozark” season in Georgia starting earlier this month, star and executive producer Jason Bateman said if the bill became a law on abortion, it would not work in Georgia.

According to the Georgia Film Office website, 38 films or TV programs will be produced in the country on Monday. Previous production included the television series “The Walking Dead” and scenes from the film “The Black Panther”.

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