Scania’s Autonomous Truck without Cabinet: Scania AXL


Swedish heavy vehicle manufacturer Scania introduced a new concept that completely eliminates people. Scania’s new truck does not accommodate any drivers and is completely autonomous.
Scania came up with a new concept while discussing whether the main controls such as steering, throttle and brake should be available in autonomous vehicles. The Swedish manufacturer’s new concept doesn’t even have a cabinet to accommodate a person, let alone any pedal or key.

Scania’s new concept, Scania AXL, is a truck without cab designed to work in large locations, such as mines and construction sites. Scania’s courage to lift the cabin comes from where the truck will work. Mining and construction sites are much safer than normal roads with many variables.

In addition, governments will not need to change decisions on autonomous vehicles in order to use a new vehicle to be built on Scania’s AXL concept. Currently, it is mandatory to have manual controls on all autonomous vehicles. However, according to Scania, the ability to control these vehicles through software used by logistics companies removes this requirement.

The concept truck has a diesel engine like other heavy duty trucks. However, Scania uses biofuels to reduce emissions from trucks. According to a statement by Scania, this concept will lead to brand new technological media and accelerate development.

Scania is not the only company that produces trucks without cab. Even Scania is not the only one in Switzerland. A venture company called Einride was planning to produce a cab-less truck, while Volvo introduced its own cab-less truck.

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