Spotify is testing its first hardware product “Car Thing”, a sound music player for cars


Swedish music giant Spotify tested its first hardware – a car and a sound-controlled car – a subtitle for a car called “Car Thing”. The test will be limited in the US and the company will invite selected Spotify Premium users to join. Spotify said it had no plans to launch the device for consumers at that time.

“Although we know that we are speculating about our future plans, Car Thing was developed to learn more about how people listen to music and podcasts,” Spotify shared in a blog post on Friday.

The device is connected to a 12 volt car contact and connected via Bluetooth to the car and telephone.

The great word for the upcoming device is “Hey Spotify,” which allows users to access their playlists and listen to their favorite songs, reports The Verge.

“Car Thing” has a round screen on one side that shows what is playing. On the other hand there are a number of buttons that allow you to access playlist preferences.

The test must include a small group of people, and as part of testing, some first-class users will get the device for free.

“We don’t mean to make this special device accessible to users, but what we learn from our tests will determine how we develop experiences wherever we listen,” Spotify added in his post.

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