Tesla Inc. is on track to provide a record number of cars in the second quarter sent to customers in the last quarter of last year, reaching 90,700, according to internal e-mail from CEO Elon Musk


The e-mail address for Musk is widely publicized on social media and through sources who know the problem of Reuter Certified also said that the company produced an average of 900 cars per day 3 models this week, approaching me in 7000 weeks.

Tesla’s share rose around 1% after the unstable opening. They experienced a confirmation letter from Reuter, who objected to the decline after the decline in sales in the first quarter.

Trading stocks this week reached their lowest level at the end of 2016 and fell six times in a row.

Communication is one of the first in terms of selling Muscat after an agreement with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which requires securities lawyers to verify their tweets and other messages that have material information.

Demand for the Tesla 3 model sedan and other vehicles on the list of investor concerns after the company moved reported weak first-quarter demand under pressure from trade in the US and China.

Musk’s focus on spending cuts underlines broader concerns, whether Tesla has enough money to fund his business while generating profits.

In a letter sent late Wednesday, Musk announced that the company had received more than 50,000 new orders this quarter since Tuesday.

“This is Elon Musk’s normal pattern. A positive mood with good news spreads Elon’s market, but Tesla’s reality is serious,” North LB analyst Frank Shvou said.

Tesla declined to comment on whether email to staff was needed or revised according to the agreement. The SEC has filed a lawsuit against Twitter for using Twitter.

In April the settlement is based on the topic “requested by the company from written notification for securities required by experienced lawyers from prior approval, including” the number issued or sale or delivery (whether actual, estimated or estimated) is not published before the written communication previously approved from the company. “

Jay Dabou, former Chief of Enforcement and SEC Pepper Partner Hamilton LLP, said: “If Musk publishes the announcement, then I believe the company must get prior approval under the Settlement Agreement. Email is only internal and expired, which is likely to exceed SEC approval.”

Tesla has reported a 31% drop in shipments for the first quarter and has warned that profits will be delayed until the second half of the year, as it is struggling for longer shipments with Model 3 shipments to China and Europe.

Car makers are building factories in China to produce models 3 of the largest car market in the world and to increase tariffs on imported cars from the US.

“Although we are very critical of Tesla’s implementation, we think that people are too eager to take the worst case,” said analyst at Roth Capital, Craig Irwin, who has a “neutral” rating on the stock.

“Tesla is a leader in the electric vehicle industry for good reason, and we expect the company to continue to be successful.”

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