The Enigma Nazi encryption engine will be auctioned


The rare Enigma machine – a German device that encrypted secret messages during World War II – was auctioned off.

This device is unique even among Enigma machines. This is because there is a German fleet, which is equipped with three numbers (M3) and even has its own name: radio key.

The Nazis used Enigma machines before and during the Second World War from 1934 to 1945 to send instructions that could not be solved by their enemies. But when the war was over, Germany began destroying these machines to protect them from the hands of the Allies.

Many of the surviving Enigma machines were destroyed by the Allies in war on orders from US Prime Minister Winston Churchill. Meanwhile, there are only about 250 machines from the Second World War puzzle.

Despite their scarcity, many people in the community have known this machine because 2014 saw the release of “The Imitation Game,” a film about the efforts of British scientist Alan Turing to decode Enigma machines. It is not an easy task; The expanded device can arrange letters in 17,576 combinations that do not contain the original letters of the words.

Finally, Turing and his team succeeded. They understood the code thanks to human error from the Nazis, who had stopped all communication with Hale Hitler. This helps the Allies destroy messages and give them unprecedented insight into Axis messages.

This particular Enigma machine is in the original wooden box. On the metal wheel, the emblem of the Third Reich was carved – a black eagle above the swastika. Inside the wooden box is a German manual for cleaning and configuring the machine.

The QWERTY keyboard (other than the current QWERTY keyboard) on the Enigma device lights up when in use. According to Nate D. Sanders Auctions, all 26 light bulbs were still on the lamp board and only one was damaged.

Bid for 28.5 pounds. (13 kg) Enigma machines start at $ 200,000. The auction ends in 8 hours. EDT / 5pm PDT on May 30 by Nate D. Sanders Auctions.

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