The Mi Band 4 Teaser confirms the color display and displays ribbon color options


Mi Band 4 received a new teaser before it was launched in China next week. Lei Yun’s Chief Executive Officer shared the teaser of the China Weibo Social Networking Site on Friday. He also noted that the Mi Band 4 will be a major upgrade and brought a number of changes to its predecessor, the Mi Band 3, which was released last May. Mi Band 3 is currently sold to Rs. 1999 on the Indian market.

The title released by Lei Yun gives us the first picture of the entire Mi Band 4 and also confirms some wear characteristics that have expired. According to Jun, the Mi Band 4 screen is bigger than Mi Band 3. In addition, Mi Band 4 is the first Mi band to carry a color screen that supports more than 16,000 colors.

In addition, teasing shows some of the Mi Band 4 color lines, which are likely to be available during launch for Smart Tape.

Although Jun hasn’t revealed details about the gym, it is said that it offers better battery life and a better heart rate than the Mi Band 3. Previously, it was also said that the Mi Band 4 variant with NFC support was good.

Xiaomi will introduce its Mi Band 4 smartband in China on June 11. The company holds an event that starts at 2:00 CEST (11:30 CEST) and includes the release of some smart pet products including smart door locking, smart cleaning, and more.

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