They escaped from the English village of “Raccoon Dogs”. What are these things?


According to Nottinghamshire police, two adult rabies dogs lurk in the village of Claborbo, England.

“Residents of the Clarborough area near Retford were warned to be vigilant,” police said on May 28, “after two raccoons left their cages.”

The story of an escaped animal that saw Live Science for the first time on CNN shows a strange type of animal that most Americans might never have seen.

Eyotid dogs (Nyctereutes procyonoides) are distant relatives of dogs and are no longer associated with genoa compared to other dogs. But they carry the same sign and have – strange for dogs – the ability to climb trees.

Animals were originally found in the wild in parts of China, Japan, Mongolia and Russia and were separated from other species 7 to 10 million years ago, according to Canid Group (CSG), part of the International Union for Conservation of Nature. natural. (In comparison, the dogs may have separated from wolves 40,000 years ago.) They have recently spread in much of northern Europe, but not in England. Their skulls, as explained, resemble some South American dogs, “but genetic studies show that they are not close relatives.”

They also look different depending on the season.

“In autumn and winter, pseudo dogs are very thick and have thick skin that gives expression to circular animals with short and thin legs,” CSG said. “In summer, when the skin is thin and the fat reserves are small, the animal looks much thinner than in the fall.”

According to CSG, their diets vary greatly as they look. They eat like rats and frogs, but also on nipples and fruits. They will even throw trees to chew fruit.

In very cold areas, rational dogs sleep in winter and in warmer areas they become “slow”.

“Energetic dogs can be seen in the spring during the day, when they are sunny on the southern slopes of the hills, and they sit in the sun with dark backs to warm their bodies and save energy,” said the description.

Interestingly, raccoons are “very monogamous” according to CSG.

“Only if one partner dies, the other members will enter into a new relationship with a new partner,” he said in the description.

Live Science hopes that the escaping couple is the best, but suspected police officers may be right because the Clarborough community needs to give them a broad perspective.

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