To save space, Ikea works with Ori Robot Furniture


Together with the American Ori engineer, Ikea has developed robotic furniture that allows people to use small living spaces more efficiently.

The largest furniture brand in the world launches Separator of Moving Rooms on Tuesday, which doubles the bed, wardrobe or sofa as needed throughout the day or releases a separate work area.

Initially, the commercial launch will begin in 2020 in Hong Kong and Japan is densely populated.

“Technology robots change space, especially for those who live in confined spaces and need to utilize existing technology, and why not,” said Seana Strawn, an innovation product developer for the Ikea Group furniture development team in Sweden.

Strawn said in an interview that Ikea worked with Ori on the product, which was operated through the touchpad for two years.

This product is based on a robot platform developed by Ori, which sells winding furniture with its own brand in the US and searches for a broader customer base through a budget strategy and a global footprint of Ikea.

“That technology, robots, and designs are united to solve problems that need to be solved: because living space is getting smaller and smaller, we can no longer use the same furniture that we use for years,” Larea said.

“We have to think about a new generation of furniture, and that is almost superpower furniture,” he told Reuters.

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