Twitter makes the rules easier to understand


To understand what is acceptable on the platform and what is not, the Twitter blog updates, simplifies and regulates the rules and conditions. The company has divided and set rules into three main categories – security, privacy and authenticity. In addition, this platform provides in-depth information about other topics related to the integrity of selection, platform manipulation, and spam.

“We are updating the rules page for more information, including examples, step-by-step reporting instructions, and details of what happened when we took action,” Del Harvey, President’s President Trust, Safety & Twitter blog posts.

The company states that each rule explains a maximum of 280 characters exactly what is not allowed on Twitter.

Each of the three parent categories directs users to individual pages that set rules with scenarios where users can violate application policies.

With this step, the company wants to help people easily understand what is permitted in the service and what is not.

“As part of our ongoing efforts for greater transparency on all aspects of Twitter, we strive to ensure that every rule has its own help page with more detailed information and resources, abuse and harassment, hatred and suicide, or” violations and copyright is the next one on our list, “said Harvey.

According to Harvey, the company’s focus continues to be safe for everyone and to have healthy public conversations on Twitter.

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