Unusual power cables with the help of the book Facebook Unmanned Aircraft


The Facebook social networking giant has filed a patent for an unusual unmanned aerial vehicle called the “Double Dragon Aircraft”, which uses dragons to remain in the air.

The design shows the dwarf, which consists of two dragons, which are connected to each other and float at different heights. Each kite can be controlled independently and the drone can produce its own energy to extend flight times, reports The Verge on Thursday.

This prototype is more like a bubble used by the parent company Google Alphabet to program their Loon link.

This design has nothing to do with Facebook’s popular drag-and-drop prototype, although it may have the same purpose: to increase or spread the provision of Internet services in areas that are difficult to reach, the report said.

Last year, Facebook seemed to abandon its unmanned business design and said it would continue the Aquila project with hardware from an established operator.

Aquila, which was tested in 2016 with mixed results, was 900 kg jet. The low profile trial program called Catalina uses low altitude drones.

This patent application was filed about five months after this announcement. It contains claims that include providing internet access with kites.

As with all patents, it remains a secret whether Facebook is really building this system, the report added.

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