Walmart starts with shipping food to buyers


Walmart starts with shipping food to buyers. Right for their fridge.

Starting in the fall of nearly 1 million people in three cities – Kansas City Missouri, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida – have access to new opportunities for home delivery Walmart, announced traders on Friday at its annual meeting in Bentonville, Arkansas. The company announced that “learning and to expand” options in the United States from there, without further explaining further expansion plans.

The Walmart House delivery project is led by Bart Stone. Sculpture Google, Stone connected Walmart a little more than a year by the hardware company Wim, which he founded and hoped to be called Keurig frozen yogurt to lead the Franklin project. Franklin was the second launch of Walmart’s number 8 technical incubator. In stealth mode, Stone has been tested at home at Walmart in New Jersey.

The announcement came as Walmart continued to emulate Amazon in the war to offer buyers as soon as possible items such as food. The two companies recently announced their efforts for delivery the next day, as Walmart reached around 75% of US consumers hoping this option would be faster for delivery by the end of 2019. delivered.

Bets on profits from online food remain high, as the market grows. Some predict that food supply in the United States, “exploded” in popularity is.

About 36.8% of US consumers have bought food online in the past 12 months, compared with 23.1% in the 2018 survey, according to CoreSight research, where buying around 35 million people across the country between 2018 food online and 2019. According to CoreSight last year only 2.2% of US food and beverage sales were made online. And it is hoped that this will increase this year to around 2.7%.

The proportion of online shopping people at Walmart, in particular rose to 37.4 percent this year from 25.5 percent in 2018, purchasing jumps were extraordinary, CoreSight said, in a survey of 1,888 adults in the United States last April.

How it works the new Walmart home advertising circuit:

  • Customers who want to use this service must attach Walmart Smart Lock outside their home or garage.
  • They can then place Walmart or Walmart applications for mobile devices and choose in paying “home delivery” options along with certain delivery dates.
  • You can choose whether to receive orders directly into the kitchen or garage.
  • Then a Walmart employee is in charge of buying food.
  • Walmart recruiters use their own camera equipment in scheduled delivery times and introduce unique smart key codes to access the customer’s home.
  • In this way, customers can control workers’ access to their homes and monitor shipments from a distance.

“After we learn how to make pick-ups, we know that this is the ability to open to deliver,” said CEO Doug MakMiylan in a meeting with media representatives. “Imagine, keeping a house in a warehouse in shops.

Walmart is an additional cost of home delivery services from buyers only this fall when it starts.

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