With Microsoft Excel for iPhone, you can now turn spreadsheets into digital spreadsheets


With Microsoft Excel for iPhone, you can now import spreadsheets and spreadsheets directly with the default camera. The new Microsoft Image Insertion feature is supported by Artificial Intelligence (AI) to quickly convert paper tables into editable tables in the Excel application. After import, imported worksheets and spreadsheets can be sent to the desktop for further editing with Excel for Windows or Mac. It is noteworthy that Redmond originally launched a feature on Android in March.

Combining the latest optical character recognition (OCR) technology, layout recognition techniques, and machine learning models, the image input function converts paper information into digital data.

Microsoft claims that the new feature can accommodate all data presented in a spreadsheet format, be it a financial table, work schedule, task list, or schedule. It also does not require additional hardware and only uses an iPhone camera to convert paper data into a digital format. It looks like the feature for Microsoft Excel App for iPad isn’t available yet.

To start with a new experience, you need to install the latest Excel application on your iPhone and then log in to your Office 365 account. Place the iPhone on the camera and align it with the data you want to import. You need to narrow your data until it’s surrounded by a red border. Then press the record button. You can also crop the image before turning it into a digital format in the Excel application.

The overall experience is identical to what Android users suggested earlier this year. In addition, Microsoft claims that this feature supports 21 languages ​​on Android and iPhone devices. The official support page lists all languages ​​supported.

You can download the latest Microsoft Excel application directly from the App Store to your iPhone. It’s compatible with iOS 11+ devices.

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