Xiaomi Details How this technology works on the screen under the camera, the Honor confirms that it works on it


Xiaomi confirmed last week that it was working on the front camera below the screen, which ultimately eliminated the need for breakthroughs, holes, or even sliding blades. The camera is hidden under special glass with a low reflective glass, which also functions as a camera lens above. This technology is still under development and Wang Xiang, Xiaomi’s senior vice president, has provided detailed information about how this technology works. He said that Xiaomi’s sub-screen technology along with the front camera could be the best solution for full screen display.

Xiang has released several slides that explain how this technology works to display photos below the screen. The company uses consumer screens that have a small transparent surface made of glass with low reflections with high permeability. When the vortex camera is activated, the display area above the camera lens becomes transparent at one time, allowing light to enter. This is probably the best solution for a full screen display along with a front camera. If you are not in camera mode, the transparent display functions as usual and allows you to view content completely.

The built-in camera allows more light to enter the lens, resulting in a clearer and sharper deposit than the hole opening solution, Xiang explained in one of the slides.

Oppo also stressed that it works on such technology to enable wireless smartphones without motorized components. Xiaomi was angry about his self-portrait camera for the first time earlier this month.

Honorable President George Zhao confirmed in an interview with CNMO that the company was working on its own camera. He said that a prototype was built, but they had to solve a number of problems before it was released. He also did not specify the deadline for the launch of the technology.

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