A benchmark proves that no video card in the market is sufficient for 8K


Gears 5, released on September 6, 8K resolution support, the name was often mentioned. A technology site tested Gears 5 at 8K resolution, using the most powerful graphics cards on the market today. The results prove that the existing graphics cards are inadequate to support 8K resolution.

With today’s evolving technology, 8K has finally become part of the mainstream. Even a few 8K-supported TVs and cameras were produced. All of this may seem to signal that 8K will soon become widespread, but in fact it doesn’t seem to come anytime soon.

A technology site called TweakTown made a benchmark for the Gears 5 game released earlier this month. The 8K game tests using Nvidia Titan RTX, the most powerful graphics card on the market, prove that this resolution will take a little longer to become widespread in today’s technology.

Launched in 8K resolution, Gears 5 has been subjected to numerous performance tests on Nvidia’s $ 2,500 graphics card Titan RTX. The test was performed in two different graphics settings, ‘ultra’ and ‘medium’. The test site, although the game can work at 8K resolution, players will have to sacrifice the number of frames per second reported.

Nvidia’s most expensive GPU couldn’t even reach 30 FPS in the ‘medium’ settings, which says something about how compelling AAA games are graphically challenging when it comes to 8K resolution. The site also included Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti and AMD Radeon VII in performance tests to make a comparison.

The GPU, with similar results, did not exceed 30 FPS in the AMD Radeon VII, giving an average of 18.4 FPS in the ‘medium’ settings and 12.8 FPS in the ‘ultra’ settings. Interestingly, the Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti’s big brother Titan RTX is very close to the results. The RTX 2080 Ti was able to deliver 18 FPS at the ‘ultra’ settings, and at 25.6 frames per second at the medium settings.

The clearest message of these results was that 8K games cannot be played on a ‘sufficient’ level with any video card currently on the market. Although it has been proven that the game can be played at 8K, those who want to play the game at a high frame rate at 8K resolution will have to wait a bit longer.

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