Alibaba Announces Self-Designed Artificial Intelligence Chip


On Wednesday, Alibaba announced its self-designed Hanguang 800 artificial intelligence chip.
Alibaba made a rapid entry into the chip industry, which includes artificial intelligence. Hanguang 800 artificial intelligence chip, also announced last Wednesday. This chip has a neural processing unit (NPU), which features self-learning, inferences and self-development. The company claims that this chip will increase energy efficiency considerably. Compared to GPUs and CPUs, these chips, which require one-tenth of their hardware, will also reduce energy consumption by 50%, adding that delays will be reduced by half.

Hanguang 800 is currently in use by the company. The chip is used for product search, automatic translation and personalized suggestions. This means a significant reduction in the workload.

Alibaba not only focuses on the e-commerce sector but also expands its field by doing business in the cloud computing sector. According to the previous quarter’s report, the company made a profit of $ 1.13 million.

In addition, Intel announced on Wednesday that it will work with Alibaba Cloud on technologies for the Olympic Games in 2020 and 2022. Earlier this month, Intel announced that they would strengthen Alibaba’s data centers with 3DAT technology. This support will be realized in 2020.

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