Amazon switched to Flak to promote a branded camera door with a suspected thief’s video


The Amazon company for security, is to use the emotion of fear of throwing cameras at the door for sale, and said, “suspect” the thief’s video as a popular post on Facebook.

The giant e-commerce means promoting a culture where neighbors are encouraged to publicly consider the worst of those who see through glasses and watch, according to The Verge on Thursday.

Much of this discussion revolves around Ring Neighbors, a community where ring owners release their own videos.

“Is it legal for a ring or Amazon to use the faces of people who are suspected of their customers committing advertising crimes? Especially when you consider that they have not given approval or been punished or something.” Video response.

At the same time, a Ring spokesman said that this type of sponsored post is indeed a feature that it supports, meaning this is not just once.

“Signals for communication within the community help protect the environment by encouraging people to work directly with the local police in active cases. Reports are written with public content from the Appendix” Neighbors “who have confirmed police reports about this case”

“We obtain explicit customer approval from Ring before publishing content and using geographically targeted publications to limit content in their communities,” the spokesman added.

On the other hand, the Mountain Police Department (MVPD) said that the department did not ask Ring to publish online recordings, even though he was grateful for “extra work”.

At present it is not clear whether Amazon was examined in this matter or not.

The idea seems to have raised the question of whether Amazon should use signs to deal with someone, must be permitted by law, and who, if the accused person, accuses innocent criminals, the report added.

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